#COVID19: We’ll distribute ‘Apo Anu’ Food Banks and other palliatives to Ikorodu people with social distancing – Hon Jimi Benson

Since the spread of Nigeria’s Covid 19 cases rose to a high number some few weeks back, the federal government declared that Lagos state, Ogun State and the FCT be locked down in order to reduce the spread of the deadly Corona Virus ravaging the world currently.

As at 9:30 pm on 9th April 2020, Nigeria has total confirmed cases to be 288, with 44 discharged and 6 deaths, as the figures keeps rising on a daily.

But in some parts of these states that a lockdown was declared, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lockdown as people are all over the streets, roads not practicing the social distancing recommended by health bodies, thereby exposing themselves to the virus.

Most of these people have given reasons that all of these is happening because they can’t stay indoors when they have nothing to eat.

Earlier in the week, some were around the streets, jogging, roaming and doing all sorts of things that doesn’t even show form of lockdown, Ikorodu, Gbagada, Alimosho inclusive and some other parts of Lagos.

In this regard, Timothy Dehinbo of Ladispeaks.com had Honourable Babajimi Benson, member of the 9th National Assembly, chairman house committee on defence, representing the Ikorodu Federal Constituency in an exclusive interview.

This interview was centred on how Hon Jimi Benson has sensitized the Ikorodu people, packages that has been made available for them, how distribution will go and how the National Assembly is working to see Nigeria battle this Virus.

When asked on what has been done to sensitize the people of his constituency on the Corona Virus, Hon Jimi Benson said;

” Yes, we have been able to sensitize a whole lot of the people in Ikorodu, as you know Ikorodu is a big place, and we have been able to put adverts in public places through banners, we have had selected individuals go into the streets to tell people about the virus in different languages, Pidgin, Yoruba, and other local dialects so that people who do not understand English can have an idea of what the virus is and preventive measures to be taken”

“In term of palliatives provision, we have that in place for the people of Ikorodu, and every month since 2015 we’ve always had sacks of food distributed and shared to vulnerable people in my constituency”

“Two weeks ago, we still had this initiative done for these Vulnerable people In Ikorodu, so if we do it now, during this covid period, it’s just going to be an addendum of what has always been done”

“We partnered with an agency and taught 250 people how to make antiseptic soaps, hand sanitizers and to take up grants to be disbursed around”

“We’ll also be supporting the state government by distributing apo anu food banks and other palliatives to the people. In the coming week, we’ll be sharing all these packages, we didn’t want it to clash with all others, so that’s why we’ve waited till this while, you know if all distributions is made at once it probably wouldn’t reach most people, so we’ll be sending the packages out in the coming week”

Jimi Benson further said that the palliatives would be sent across maintaining the social distancing practice without crowding.

“If you had observed the way we trained the 250 personnels, you’d see that social distancing was practiced at the training, and that will also be done when we would be sharing the palliatives. We have a noble way of doing this, we are to take it to them, we have a good methodology and we’ll ensure that social distancing is maintained”

Honourable Babajimi Benson having seen how Ikorodu people and other areas were on the streets roaming about earlier in the week urged them to stay at home at ensure they prevent the spread, also said the National Assembly is working so hard to ensure that this battle ends well and so quickly.

“As you can see from the federal constituency level, we’ve been making moves, there was a proposal on how to get electricity bills paid for 2 months, also working hard to fine tune the process and ensuring that people are well to-do during this period”

“I’ll like to plead with Ikorodu people and other constituencies to play their part by staying at home, practising good hygiene, washing their hands with soaps and water or using an alcohol based sanitizer, and trying to take all the preventive measures put in place by the World Health Organisation, WHO, the Nigerian Centre for disease Control, NCDC, and other health bodies”

“If you take the United States as example, in January/February, there were just about 50+ cases, but today they have over 30000 + cases with about 14000 deaths, and this shows that in Nigeria, we have to be careful and not take Covid 19 as a joke and the only way we can win this battle is to stay at home and stop the spread”

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