#COVID19: Voters need to understand that priority placed on health and education across ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT are the most important for social and economic development – Dr Shola Dele-Olowu

Following the outbreak of the global pandemic, the Corona Virus that has hit the world in the past few weeks, as the World Health Organization continues to preach about taking precautions to avoid the virus, Governments and Leaders of each countries have continued to put measures in place to avoid, reduce the spread and contain the virus.

As regards the issue of the pandemic in Nigeria, Abuja Discourse Nigria had a tweet chat series with Dr Sola Dele-Olowu, @DrDelwu a Public Health Specialist, under the Topic; The Nigerian Healthcare System in a Global Pandemic.

She talked about how Nigeria is facing challenges in fighting the Corona Virus as a result of bad leadership and that Nigeria’s health care system is been underfunded, understaffed, poorly equipped and overworked.

Giving measures on how the government can ensure public safety, she said

” Increased testing will definitely reveal more cases, which will help with managing the spread. The government needs to ensure there are more testing centers and if possible, at least one functional response center per state.”

She pointed out the fact that not only the government has a responsibility for this, and that the Nigerian people also have roles to play.

“But, this is not solely the government’s responsibility. Now it is more of people’s response than government’s reaction that will make a difference in curbing the spread of COVID-19. Simply avoid spreading false information”

On electing the right political leaders, Dr. Shola opined that Voters need to understand that priority placed on health and education across all levels of government are the most important for social and economic development. According to her, health must be used as political currency; voters need to look at the state of health facilities and human resources for health in the communities and ask themselves if they have a functional health center within 5km of their dwelling? Stating further that one good outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic is that the political class is more aware of the importance of healthcare. Expressing hope that after this battle has been won, political leaders on all levels will place a premium on the quality of public healthcare and facilities.

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