Nigerian Women can only succeed in Politics once they become indecent as their Male counterparts – Shehu Sani

Former Lawmaker of the Senate, Senator Shehu Sani of the 8th National Assembly has said that Nigerian women suffer lots of persecutions and abuses from men and hence they only succeed in politics by bowing down to thier male counterparts.

The Dinidari Empowerment Foundation in collaboration with Abuja Discourse which has been holding several discourse bordering on women participation in politics in Nigeria, on Wednesdsay had Senator Shehu Sani in a tweet chat which had several Nigerians joining in with questions and opinions of their own on why #ElectoralReforms seem to be an uphill task for succesive governments in Nigeria.
Senator Sani while addresing the reason why electoral reform bills are yet to have pratical effects on our electioneering process opined that eletoral reforms will undermine the startegy politicians used in getting into and maintaining power, therefore their unwillingless to pass and implement proper electroal reforms in Nigeria.

He said it’s the hidden interest of the those in power and government rather than the interest of the nation at large.
He was of the view that the only way women could succeed in politics in Nigeria is either to bow to the diktats of godfathers or be as indecent as their male counterparts.

The conversation was heavily engaged on twitter and is still an ungoing conversation both offline and online. The organizers and their sponsors encouraged Nigerians to join in the conversation until we secure better participation of Women in Politics and get the much needed electoral reforms.

The hashtags for online particpation is #WomenDeyVote #ADElectoralReformsSeries and #Electoral Reforms.

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