Social Media Influencer, Ekpiwhre Andrew @Drewbaba Narrates How Losing His Life Gave Him Life

How nearly losing my life gave me life –  Social Media Influencer – Ekpiwhre Andrew @drewbaba

Social Media Influencer, Ekpiwhre Andrew narrates his near-death experience in this piece. Sometimes, it takes a major event, to shape our priorities and perspective about life.

Ekpiwhre Andrew, Drewbaba recovering after the incident

This time three months ago, my life flashed before my eyes. And I realized how fragile and little human life really was.

As I turn a year older in a couple of days, all I can do is thank God for life. I am thankful for surviving a car crash that should have taken my life. But instead, left me with a massive laceration on my face, a wrecked car and weeks of pains, medications, and doctors. I almost lost my left eye and cried myself to sleep most nights because of the pain – I never knew my body could take so much pain.

Turning a year older gives me cause to reflect on my life; had something else happened that day, what impact would it have had on my loved ones? Those who stood by me, day and night – checking up on me, calling me, showing their support one way or another. I am extremely grateful for their support and the grace to be alive today.

Although my scars are healing slowly, I have learned that everything cannot always be rosy and you won’t be cute forever – the dark times have been a humbling experience, for which I am most grateful to God as it has drawn me closer to him in all aspects.

This write-up is not to garner sympathy. But to appreciate God and the people who stood by me during this trying period. I wouldn’t have been able to make it without my family, friends, and colleagues.

I am deeply grateful.

This is to tell the world that Andrew is a survivor and not a victim. He has a lot to be thankful for.

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