For Family, Friendship and Love

As Chike sat in front of the house, sipping a bottle of 33 Export Lager beer and wondering if he will get a house in the city for him and his friend, Kunle. He starred at his phone and imagined what his friendship with Kunle will be like if he cannot get an accommodation for both of them.

‘The house agent just called me to remind me about our scheduled visit to a house he saw in the city’ says Chike. He was talking to his 82year old grandmother as they sat under the lush green tree planted by her grandfather over 100yrs ago. ‘Nigeria has really changed’ said Grandma, as she pulled closer a wooden inverted mortar that has been converted to a stool. Grandma is still puzzled by the fact that her grandson could get a call from someone miles away from their remote village.

”Chike! pass me a bottle of 33 Export” says Grandma in the most commanding of tones, Chike chuckled and was hesitant initially until it dawned on him that Grandma meant business. Chike took a bottle of 33 Export and handed it to Grandma, “Thank you Chike for extending the necessary hand of friendship to your grandmother” says Grandma as she took a sip at first and then gulped down the whole bottle and smiled, exposing a surprisingly set of well arranged dentition.

“How well do you know Kunle your friend?” grandma queried, “Very well grandma” replied Kunle, “Listen to me” continued grandma “ Friendship is life, friendship is beyond words, friendship is humanity, friendship is what makes us happy, friendship is sharing, friendship is extending a hand of 33 Export Lager beer to me” She laughed out loud and Chike could not help but join her in sharing in the laughter just the way she shared the 33 Export Lager beer with him.

The cool breeze from the mangrove trees blew Chike’s bald head as he mounted a bike to meet the agent in the town, a palm wine tapper walked pass the front of the house and bellowed a salutation which Grandma replied with equal or even higher echo. As Chike rode to the city, the wise words of grandma on friendship kept on coming back.     After 33 minutes of ride, Chike met with the real estate agent who told him the house is situated at 33 Enyi Street, Chike was pleasantly surprised that he has seen a house, and happier when he  realized it is at number 33, 33 being his favourite number because the number reminds him of his favourite beer, 33 Export Lager beer.

Chike walked down to a downtown bar and called Kunle to give him the good news, he knows his friendship with Kunle is the type of friendship his grandmother told him about, friendship that makes you want to share not just 33 Export Lager beer, but friendship that will also make you share a house with that person. Kunle arrived the restaurant looking excited “Guy where did you see the house?” asked Kunle, Chike immediately motioned the waiter for a drink turning around the high stool at the bar he said to Kunle “Let me tell you something about friendship, grandma told me something about friendship and I would like to share it with you. I mean..”

“Oga just tell me where the house dey joor!” bellowed Kunle, who was growing impatient with the Nollywood-like suspense. It is at 33 Enyi Street, “It can’t be same 33 nah, like 33 Export?” asked Kunle, “Yes” replied Chike, “Goals!!” replied Kunle with a light-hearted laughter. “What can I offer you gentlemen?|” asked the waiter. “33 Export larger beer” chorused the duo as they enjoy the evening of friendship with 33 export Lager beer.

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