Download Standard By Irenise Medahunsi Rebecca

Medahunsi Rebecca popularly known as Irenise has released her first official single titled as Standard.

Standard by Irenise is one of the many hits to be released by the Nigerian based gospel singer.

See lyrics from “Standard by Irenise” below

There is a life that’s far above this world. There is a realm that is the envy of every being angels peep into it with envy. It is this life that we are called unto.

According to the young female artiste, she says “Standard is a vision from heaven. A classical music inspired to put yearnings for the depths of God in true depth of music”.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, Download it! Sing it! Spread it! The heavens have sent Medahunsi ‘Irenise’ Rebecca to keep u aglow and athirst for the very crevices of God! Standard is a gift from Christ to you!

With a grateful heart to God, we send you this gospel!

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