SPECIAL REPORT: Are These Soft Drinks Killing You?

We all drink soft drinks yeah? But how many of us know how harmful these soft drinks can be to our health.

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The question we seek to answer today is what are these soft drinks killing you? In a report released by the Indian Medical Association recently, most of these soft drinks have levels of pesticides in them. What the report, however, did not achieve is to state if these soft drinks are poisonous not with the consumption rate.

SPECIAL REPORT: Are These Soft Drinks Killing You?
SPECIAL REPORT: Are These Soft Drinks Killing You? Picture of a range of 7up drinks sold in the market

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Here is a list of the Pesticide Percentage (%) in cold drinks according to the report:

1 Thums up 7.2%

2 Coke 9.4%

3 7 UP 12.5%

4 Mirinda 20.7%

5 Pepsi 10.9%

6 Fanta 29.1%

7 Sprite 5.3%

8 Frooti 24.5%

9 Maaza 19.3%

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Although, the report hinted that these drinks may be dangerous to the liver due to the level of these pesticides in them. It also hinted that it could lead to cancer.

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The question remains; Are These Soft Drinks Killing You?

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