How To Get Free TSTV Decoders, TSTV Subscription as TSTV Launch in November

This is simply how to get free TSTV decoders and how to get free TSTV subscription as TSTV launches today November 1st.

It is no longer news that TSTV has launched to the public today being November 1st. The owners of TSTV have announced their readiness to start the business. As you all know that today is November 1st. According to an official statement from TSTV, So here is how to get free TSTV decoders in November.

Good Morning Nigerians. Its November 1, 2017, the appointed date for TSTV launch nationwide.

Thousands of free units of TSTV PR Decoders have been deployed nationwide through our accredited dealers. We implore those who have received TSTV PR units to test our services and kindly drop their assessment on our facebook inbox and official email address. To ensure we reach more Nigerians throughout this test period, TSTV Management have launched TSTV transmission nationwide and all our channels are Free to Air for one month.

We are very conscious of the need to offer Nigerians value. That is why we have opened all our channels for free. We are doing all of this because Nigerians need to see what they are buying first. Every new product need to be tested before purchase. TSTV is currently transmitting and its available for free for now on ABS 3 satellite. All our channels are up and free to air for this period of test broadcast. Kindly track ABS 3 and you will receive TSTV on Freq: 11052, (V), S/R: 30,000 free to air. Please don’t forget to drop your comments and findings on our facebook inbox or by email:

ABS 3 is easy to track. Kindly get any good installer to track ABS 3.

Enjoy TSTV for free throughout the month of November.

God bless Nigeria.

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It is clear that TSTV is set to roll out free decoders to Nigerians in November, Also, they have plans to roll out a free subscription for their users in November. The announcement says that there would be free TSTV subscription for everyone in November.

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There have also been rumors making wave about how TSTV decoders look like. In an exclusively obtained image from TSTV officials who want to be unnamed, here is how TSTV decoder and remote looks like.

How to get free TSTV Decoders, TSTV Subscription in November as TSTV Launch
How to get free TSTV Decoders, TSTV Subscription in November as TSTV Launch

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