SCAM ALERT: How Developer Duped Nigerians of 160 Million Naira in Lagos

A story has emerged on how a developer dupes Nigerians off 160 million Naira in Lagos Nigeria.

SCAM ALERT: How Developer Duped Nigerians of 160 Million Naira in Lagos
SCAM ALERT: How Developer Duped Nigerians of 160 Million Naira in Lagos

According to a Facebook user named; Anyanwu Kingsley, he and other innocent Nigerians have been duped off their funds. They intended to take a newly constructed apartment on rent and majority of the discovered they have been duped after trying to move into the building.

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Here is an excerpt of his post:

Please forgive me, this story is a bit long, for your sake, please read through so you dont fall a victim. I want the world to know of this story because it is quiet a sad one. I am in shock still, but i will try to type just a little before sharing the pictures and videos. To the story, myself and over 150 others (and still counting) were duped of over 130 million naira of our hard earned money trying to get accomodation in a house located at No. 1 Bankole Street, Ijesha Tedo. The said landlord who claims to be the owner of the house, one Mr. Maleek Tunde Najeedeen alongside a man named Engr. Bayo and another one called Mr. Taofeek collected payements for the rent in part and in full from those of us who paid for the house. we came to the discovery that we have been duped when we all met at the house on the 29th of Sept. 2017 when some came to collect their keys to pack in and discovered what had happend. now here is the twist, at no time did any of us run into each other while paying for the house, i never met anyone pricing my room, same goes for others. i paid in August, others paid in january, some even paid for the house in december of last year (while we were making the payments, the house was still under renovation and each time i was there, i met people working. i met and spoke with each of these people i mentioned earlier and they all promised that the house would be completed soonest while appologising for the delay)some paid cash, others through a bank account with in the name of Mr. Maleek Tunde Najeedeen. I was asked to come and collect my key on the 2nd of October, only to get a call from a friend who i had earlier told of the house, to go and check out a rumour that the house is fraud. on getting there, i was beyond shocked, everywhere was in serious disarray and it took the intervention of the men of the ITIRE POLICE DIVISION to maintain law and oder. Please, let me end because i am really tired now.

We all went to the police station at ITIRE to make entry with the police. we all did, the DPO asked us to come back on tuesday 3rd october 2017. We are yet to know the total number of persons who payed for the house. a police man at the station on saturday 30th sept. told us that from his calculations, the money is already getting to 130 million naira (yes i know, it sounds unbelievable, but thats our story). We had to also report the case to the traditional ruler of itire too. Most of us are shocked, in tears and still dont know what to do.

Now here is the extremely sad part. before i got there, i heard people talking of a pregnant woman who fainted on hearing the story. thank God she is still fine as of today. i met a man who paid 400 thousand naira, bought his furniture and properties. he was to move in on 30th sept. only to hear of the story, the awfull part is that his weeding is holding next month. i met others who came with their properties to move in, only to to meet a house under lock and key.

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I want to appeal to the Lagos state commissioner of police, Mr Imohimi Edgar to please come to our aid, the SPECIAL ANTI-FRAUD UNIT, the EFCC, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH and every concerned Nigerians to help us please.

On tuesday 3rd October 2017, we will be at Itire police station for the case, anyone who cares can come and see the crowd in person. i will update the story as time goes on. All we want now is a refund of our money and that is all.

Thank you for reading and also help share this story so that people will know and not fall victim. Here are the pictures and videos.

Kindly help share to save others from being defrauded.

Efforts to get the DPO of the Itire Police station on phone have proven abortive as his numbers were switched off as at the time of this reportage.

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