Exclusive Chat Interview With Social Media Personality, Madeleine Ugochi Enyi “9jaWitches” @badgalmaddie_

Social media personality and influencer, Madeleine Ugochi Enyi popularly known as “9jaWitches” had an exclusive chat interview with me today. Madeleine runs a weekly Twitter questionnaire #TwitterJamb, a very educational program for youths to put their brains to work and also win recharge cards. She’s also very popular in making funny memes and tweets.

In this interview, she disclosed that she’s an undergraduate student of the University of Lagos and discussed how she balances social media with her education.

What’s your name and what do you do?
My name is Madeleine Ugochi Enyi. I’m a blogger and a social media entrepreneur influencer.

How did you come across the name 9jawitches?
Well. It was gotten from my first weekly tag I ran one. I did justice to it. It brought me a lot of fame. So I decided to make it my display name.

How long have you been into brand influencing and why did you venture into influencing?
Well. My brother @OgaPromoter brought me into the game. He has been there for a long time now and I decided to join in because I have a similar interest and I believe I can step up the game in brand influencing regardless of my gender.

What were the challenges you faced when you started?
Well, getting a large audience was my first challenge. Now I got it, trying to keep it up is another.

As a social media influencer and blogger, how tasking is it and how do you balance it with your studies?
Well. I don’t find it tasking tho. It’s has been part of me.

What brought about your weekly questionnaire #TwitterJamb?
I just felt that they were too many jokes and jonzing tags on Twitter. So I thought deep to come up with something innovative. Something that was more educative, then bang, it came.

Who are the ones or the one you look up to being a social media influencer?

Auracool, Favor, Ebuka Akara.

Can you tell us a bit about your education and family background?
Well. I am from a humble family of six. Two boys and 4 girls. I am the second born. We are cool just like that. I graduated from secondary school in 2013 and I was a science student. I’m currently studying Psychology at the University of Lagos, Akoka.

Your favorite color and food?
Color: Black & Red, Food: Anything rice I love.

What’s your assessment of the Nigerian entertainment scene?
We are doing great. We have the likes of Wizkid, Davido repping us well.

Are you a religious person or a normal church goer?
I don’t even go to church lol. I am just there.

What inspires you?
Real life events. Stories from others.

What Genre of songs do you listen to?
Trap, Rap, pop. They are many tho. I am a lover of good music.

Favorites Fashion Brands?
Adidas for shoes, Chanel & Tom Ford for eye glasses, Moschino and Versace for clothes.

Can you date a man you met on the social media?
Yes I can. He’s a human being too.

Are you in a relationship?

The biggest mistake you ever made?
I don’t think I ever made a mistake in my life.

Your biggest achievement?
Hitting 5 millions impressions on a tweet. Lol.

What would you do after you graduate from Unilag?
After school, I intend to be an entrepreneur. Start up a fashion and makeup school, and a clothing line.

Advice to upcoming ones looking up to you?
Be creative and remain consistent in whatever you regardless of your gender or the condition that you find yourself. Believe in yourself.

What are your social media handles that we can reach you on?
Twitter : @badgalmaddie_ , @maddieflows
Snapchat: badgal_maddie
Instagram: @badgalmaddie_

Here’s a small gallery of Madeleine’s pictures

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