Facebook To Stream Champions League Matches

Facebook to stream Champions League matches next season

So Facebook has announced that it will be streaming live Champions League matches from next season the 2017/2018 season.

The move was initiated after the success of the live coverage of the final that was held last month. The match had a audience of 34 Million followed by 98 Million engagements as a result.

Also, Wayne Rooney charity match that was held earlier had also drawn large viewership with 3.7 Million viewers tuning in for the match.

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During the group stages, two matches from each match day will be streamed live. Four games will be shown from the round of 16 while four of the quarter-final clashes will also be streamed.

However, there is a downside to the news as it will not be available to everyone. Only viewers in the US will be given access to the matches. Fox Sports US has partnered with the social media giant in an effort to promote football’s popularity is the US, and the service will only be available to those living across in the country.

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Facebook’s Head of Global Sports Partnerships said: “The UEFA Champions League is one of the biggest football tournaments in the world, so we’re thrilled to partner with FOX Sports to deliver live matches to fans on Facebook in the US next season. This collaboration unlocks new distribution for FOX, giving the network a national platform for matches that won’t always be televised.And with different matches broadcast in English and Spanish on Facebook, our community of fans will have plenty of action to cheer on and chat about once the group stage kicks off in September.”

Fox spokesperson for said:

“Facebook is a social media powerhouse and a great partner to help us grow soccer in the United States.”

So, there you have it… It is good news, but with a catch.

Now that it is clear that Facebook To Stream Champions League Matches, What do you guys think about this? Do you wish it was Africa that was chosen? Comments below.

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