#DigitalizingNnewi :Nnewi Launches Official Online Business Portal: nkwonnewi.com

A hybrid e-commerce platform and an official online business portal has been launched for products and services across Nnewi.

Nkwo Nnewi is the largest auto parts market in West Africa and has been a longstanding market place located in the widely revered industrial enclave Nnewi. Over the past decades this market has birthed Multi billion business conglomerates, commercial giants and leading Industrial moguls in Africa and has brought traders and customers together from all over the world. The Nkwo Nnewi market is a commercial hub with an estimated net value of $10 billion.


Through internet usage, the world has become a compatible global community which encompasses the entire globe as it interconnects societies at the international level through trade in goods and services.

nkwonnewi.com is an innovative digital market platform leveraging information and communications technology (ICT) to create direct access and a seamless digital business network between Nnewi and the world.

As part of the moves being made to globalize the Nnewi brand, nkwonnewi.com provides:

Digital Accessibility to Products and Services across Nnewi.

Comprehensive business/service directory for visitors, customers and prospective investors.


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