5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Cannot Do WIthout Smoking Weed

Smoking is not new in music culture in Nigeria and abroad .most  of the singer today has there way of taking one addictive substance although the most common one in this part of the world is weed or indian hemp …here are few listed above


this picture has really show that both artists are lover of weed,which i think they are up to something seeing them together, I guess the song or whatever they’re working on will be awesome.


Phyno & flavour were pictured in the studio taking #weed,We look forward to the end result of their collabo.


The photo above has shown that olamide is also a lover of #weed.


the above name is also a lover of #weed,which  His fans once begged him to stop smoking!


If you don’t know Terry G also love taking weed in some location,which people knows him for that…..

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