How To Buy An Item From Google Store In Another Country

Today, I would be writing a detailed review on how to buy an item from Google store in another country.

Before now, many of us have been searching for how to buy an item from Google store in another country because of its impossibility. It was virtually impossible to buy from Google store when not in your country most especially with a card that is not domiciled in the country.

Google has made it very possible and easy to do these days and I have outlined the steps below.

First, go to from wherever you are located.

For the most of us not in a Google store location; you would get a message as this;

We aren’t in your country yet.
You can still browse our products in any of the other regions
Proceed by clicking on the country you want to shop from as listed on your screen.
It would prompt you to continue. I should highlight that clicking continue will clear all the pending items in your shopping cart
It would show you the products on display that you can buy from. It is at this stage you can then choose the product you want to buy.
 After selecting the video, the blue button showed in the next image was not shown earlier and was colored grey.
After clicking continue, you would see the check-out page which is also colored blue.
Fill in your billing details and you are good to go. I need to point out that it does not matter if you have a card from the country you are buying from.  So that is how to buy an item from Google store in another country.

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