What His Family Think About Kemen’s Eviction from Big Brother Naija

Kemen’s eviction from Big Brother Naija has caused an outrage on the Social Media. While some think it is unfair, some consider it merited.

A ‘family’ source has reacted to the unfortunate incident which disqualified the Akwa Ibom born fitness trainer. Evidently, they are displeased with the punishment meted out to their Son.

His family believes that Big Brother is making Nigerians feel Kemen is a “pervert or r*pist”.

They also feel that TBoss could not do anything to save the situation when she could have during the diary session.

The family source claims that the family is agitated that Nigerians are pouring their anger on Kemen on Social Media, saying all sorts of things about him.  She also said that, “if TBoss wasn’t comfortable or didn’t approve of what happened on that eventful night, how come she turned to the right without stopping or throwing tantrums.”

Kemen's Eviction from Big Brother Naija
Kemen’s Eviction from Big Brother Naija

The source added that immediately Kemen is back, they might sue Big Brother for defamation of character and unlawful justice.

Furthermore, the source is of the opinion, TBoss is like a sacred egg in the show and she might have one or two people who are in high positions in the country. These people in high ranking positions may have vested interest in the show.

She also cited that Debbie Rise also did something similar to Bassey but wasn’t sent packing. They are also asking how come Kemen is the scape goat, or is it because TBoss is involved?.

Many more questions keep arising from the drama that ensued over the weekend. Kemen hasn’t come into Nigeria yet. We all are waiting for him after his eviction from the Big Brother Naija.

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