Hilarious! Man Cleans Name From Birthday Cake and Sells it

A Nigerian man has done the most hilarious thing we have seen this year; man cleans name from birthday cake and tries to sell it.

A Nigerian man cleans name from birthday cake and went further in an attempt to sell it. The man, whose friend named Uncle Mufasa announced this on the popular microblogging website; Twitter has gone viral over his ridiculous move.

The cake was bought for him and because of the present economic recession,  he made up his mind to sell it off and keep the financial proceeds.

Nigeria is known to be in an economic recession, which has allowed citizens to become highly creative in making money in recent times. A Nigerian APC lawmaker has also come out to openly criticize the present living conditions of the country. 

See the funny replies to the tweet below

The whereabouts of the President still remains unknown and Nigeriand are not leaving out the fun. Twitter keeps getting interesting by the day. We have decided that the fun will not stop because the President is not around.

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