How To Use The WhatsApp Video Status Update

WhatsApp, the popular smartphone internet messaging application has just done the unthinkable.

WhatsApp has just launched its Video Status Update and everyone is asking the question; How to use the Whatsapp Video status update?

I have decided to go through this in an easy and comfortable way for everyone. The WhatsApp Video Update when launched was restricted to the Netherlands and Canada but apparently, the tide have changed. We all have access to it from anywhere aound the globe you can use SnapChat.

Update your WhatsApp

Open the newly updated WhatsApp

You would find four bars, which is a replica of the Instagram Live layout

Create the Video update when you swipe to the left

And that is how to use the Whatsapp Video status update.

How to use the WhatsApp Video Status Update
How to use the WhatsApp Video Status Update

So many tech commentators have come out to criticize this move to replicate SnapChat as unneccessary and uncalled for. The SnapChat story feature has also been mirrored by Instagram and facebook is just what is left to adopt the model among the facebook family.

What do you think about this?

WhatsApp already has more plans to make the app better. One of them is editing your sent messages, this evolution no doubt makes the users happy and more adventurous in their app usage.

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