Woman Recognizes Her Kidnapper in the Bank: SEE HOW? 

A woman recognized her former abductor in a Bank. She used the scar near his penis to recognize him.

There was a lot more than banking last Thursday, at a Skye bank branch in Port Harcourt when a woman (name undisclosed) who was standing on the queue patiently, suddenly began to scream at another bank customer that he was a kidnapper.

She grabbed the accused man on his collar and began to weep profusely as other customers and bank security tried to pull her away from him. An eyewitness gathered that in tears, the woman revealed that she was kidnapped about a year ago and the accused bank customer was one of her abductors.

She disclosed that the accused was particular to her because he sexually abused her 4-6 times a day while she was on abduction.

Our eyewitness gathered that the accused man denied the allegations and claimed that he had never met the woman before. He claimed he was just a tailor that had come to make a withdrawal.


The woman stood by her story and said she could never forget him, she even told onlookers and bank security that if they take off the man’s trouser, they would find a scar on his upper thigh. Police officers arrived at the bank shortly and undressed the man in a closed office and indeed there was a scar.

It was gathered that the police officers obtained a warrant immediately to check the accused man’s account details and a large sum of 98 million Naira was found in his account.

A woman is being kidnapped
Image shows a woman who is being kidnapped
Credit: Silverbird TV

Officers of the Police Force detained the man and took him to Anti-Kidnap unit for further questioning.

We would bring you an update to this story to ensure that the woman gets justice.

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