Eight Year Old Bangladesh Boy Turned Stone

An eight-year-old boy turned into stone in Bangladesh.

Mehendi Hassan, a boy from Bangladesh has turned into stone: a sight many of the villagers, including his grandmother finds distasteful.

The young boy whose mother have cried out to the government after seeking help from local and orthodox doctors has a normal face but his body is filled with scale like stony coverings. The condition is very painful and traumatic according to his mother. Every move made by his body brings him into agonizing pain.

Bangladesh Boy who turned stone
Bangladesh Boy who turned stone 1

His mother, Jahanara Begum was quoted to have said:

‘Other children detest him.People find him filthy because of his condition.’

‘He has been home for eight years because whenever he goes out, villagers get scared and say bad things to him.’

‘Everyone hates him, no one likes to see him or eat in front of him.’

‘Not even my mother-in-law. I beg government to help my child.’

‘It upsets him so I keep him at home.’

‘He always cries out in pain. It is devastating to see him suffering.’

Bangladesh Boy who turned stone 2
Bangladesh Boy who turned stone 2

His mother claimed to have noted the development while he was 12 days old and assumed it was mosquito bites. It evidently is not after it did not go away after series of treatments although doctors have also identified the boy who turned stone condition as a rare skin disease.

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