Barely one month after the South-East Senator condemned the killing of unarmed protesters of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), the senators have called on President Buhari to order a thorough investigation into the shooting and killing of not less than 11 unarmed protesters from South-East in Port-Harcourt on Friday.

The group had alleged that a combined of Nigerian Police and Army  had shot its members while celebrating the inauguration ceremony of Donal Trump as the 45th President of America.

The Publicity Secretary of IPOB, Emma Power had alleged that no fewer than 11 members of IPOB were shot and killed by the Nigerian Police and Army.

The South East Senators in a statement through its Chairman, Enyinaya Abaribe said that the mere fact that the security operatives applied naked force in a peaceful rally is rather reprehensible and questions an emerging pattern in the containment of peaceful assembly in Nigeria.

Senator Abaribe further quoted the 1999 constitution as amended as one which provides for the freedom association and the right of people to freely assemble to express their common interests.

He stated ‘the last time i checked, that section of the constitution is still intact and has not been amended, it is therefore worrisome that the rights of a section of the country would be denied with the use of such extra force.

“If the report of the killings by the security operatives were to be confirmed, it would no doubt leave a gaping hole in the unity of the country. This is one regrettable action too, mainly coming against the backdrop of the report by Amnesty International of the killing of the people from the same section in Nigeria”.

Abaribe said that the South East Senate Caucus were not demanding a stop to the heinous act but also urging the Federal Government to investigate the use of force by its security operatives to quell civil protests with special reference to what occurred in Port-Harcourt, on Friday.

Meawhile IPOB has threatened to invoke the use of self defence over the killing of its members.

The IPOB vowed that the killing of its members will not be allowed to continue as it has and must invoke the right to self-defence, he added that ‘if and when IPOB decides to invoke the right to self-defence, the world should not apportion blame to us’.

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