You Can Now Edit Your WhatsApp Messages; Find Out How

WhatsApp is the biggest Internet messaging application in the world.

The facebook owned application WhatsApp have decided to include a feature which allows users being able to edit their messages and even delete them. This is actually only if they have not been read at all.

If you remember, this was one of the features which helped the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) had an edge over WhatsApp in the past. They have decided to pull the bull by the horn this time around while introducing this feature.

WhatsApp welcome interface
WhatsApp welcome interface

Please note that this feature is still in its beta phases and would not be available to the public yet until its final testing. Its iOS testers are the ones presently having access to this feature so Android testers like me probably cannot access it yet. Don’t start the iOS vs Android OS battle yet, please….

This information hasn’t been officially made available by WhatsApp yet. It was made available by one of the Beta testers account on Twitter.

We all make a mistake in sending a wrong message to a girl while we intend to send it to another :-). The solution is here already brothers.

If you want to be a Beta Tester on the Android platform, you’d need to head over to the PlayStore. Once on the WhatsApp application, scroll down and apply to be a Beta Tester. DO note that it causes some things to your phone you may not be able to handle. Do, join at your own risk.

For the iOS users, you need to have a jailbroken device to become a Beta tester.

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