Check out The 5 Best Nigerian Songs Of All Time

Nigerian songs have come a long way from the time of the Remedies to the new school era.

During the evolution of Nigerian songs we have witnessed very good love songs been released that will forever remain evergreen irrespective of time. Love songs are meant to have a lasting impression on a listener because of the subtle romantic nature of the message in the lyrics of the song.

There are a lot of love songs released over the years but amongst the many, these 5 love songs would never be forgotten in our memory for a very long time. These songs will still give you goosebumps till today when they are played even after a very long time of release. See our top 5 Nigerian love songs of all time below.

Wande Coal features in the Nigerian songs of all time
5. Ololufe – Wande Coal

This is still one of those songs you can never get tired of listening to no matter how many times you’ve heard it. The song is too emotional with deep message carried along with Wande Coal’s soprano voice he used in the song. Ololufe is forever evergreen which I’m sure no one would want to dispute this.

P Square features in the Nigerian songs of all time
4. Temptation – P-Square

Temptation was released way back in 2007 and it was the song that every love bird fell in love with. The song talked about infidelity and heartbreak but it still was a love song which everyone loved. P-Square proved that they were not just a pop-dance artiste but they had the R&B vibes in them. Still very hot till today.

Style Plus features in the Nigerian songs of all time
3. Style Plus – Olufunmi

This is another classic love song coming from one of Nigeria’s best music group till date, Styl Plus. The amazing group of 3 vocalist, Tunde, Zeal and Shifi were on fire when they released this song “Olufunmi” to welcome their arrival into the Nigerian music scene. The song became an instant national anthem on the street. Still a classic.

Sunny Neji features in the Nigerian songs of all time
2. Sunny Nneji

This song was so big that you hardly attend any wedding then without having the dj play this song. It was actually a monster hit for a very long time and it’s still is. Sunny Nneji went platinum with this song. To show how big this song is, you will still find it been played in weddings even till today. The song is a love song that talks about marriage.

1. African Queen – 2face Idibia

This Nigerian song needs no introduction. Everyone knows this song and if you don’t then you probably are just born. Africa Queen was like the biggest thing that ever happened to Nigerian music at the time. The song practically took Nigerian music global as 2face Idibia got recognized in international awards for the first time for an African artistes. The song actually opened the gate to what our artistes are enjoying today.

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