Nigerians Are Suffering, Hon. Razak Atunwa, APC Lawmaker Laments

A lawmaker, Hon. Razak Atunwa representing the All Progressives Congress in the Federal House of Representatives has expressed disappointment in the state of the nation.

The Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Chief John Oyegun had earlier expressed satisfaction in the state of the country, saying, “Nigerians are happy despite the recession”.

This statement made by the Chairman of the ruling party created an outburst among members of the social media community, as many expressed anger and frustration against the statement. He made the statement while visiting his hometown during the yuletide season.

He said, “I hope it was low key, but what is important is that you could see signs of fun everywhere. Which means that in-spite of everything, people are happy. That is, not say that there is not some degree of belt-tightening. I can feel it but what is also good is that people are still able to eat rice”.

In a rather subtle manner, the lawmaker representing Asa/Ilorin West Federal Constituency disagreed with this statement on his Twitter page. Hon Razak Atunwa, who is also a former speaker of the Kwara state House of Assembly. He replied with symbols noting disagreement with the APC Chieftain.

He replied the tweet with a sign showing and depicting confusion.

The President Buhari administration have been known to cause uproar and hunger across the country as more policies are implemented in the country. These policies have been reported to be elite friendly and not for the masses who reportedly voted for him.

Check out the tweet below;

It leaves many to wonder how the All Progressives Congress would react to this reaction from one of their own, on the state of the nation. Observers are hopeful the country will get better as the next election approaches but many are left to wonder as to how as not one move is being made in this regard.

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