3 New Year Mistakes You Must Avoid

Its the New Year and its the season of planning and all forms of target setting. Some decide to set targets in their sex life, love life, career, spirituality, internet usage among other items.

So, I would be highlighting just 3 mistakes you need to avoid in the new year as you set out a new calendar.

Do read along.

Mistake #1 Starting the year without a plan

Often, I meet people who think or believe that things will work out somewhat in the New Year. This belief system no doubt is good, but you need to have a “how to do“. Many would end 2017 with little or no impact or positive change to their lives as a result of lacking this. Plan what you want to do this year, decide how you want the year to end for you among all other things.

Avoiding this mistake would make your life very comfortable and easy when the storms come in the year.

Mistake #2 Keeping Negativity around you

There is a thing with negativity and achieving success, it would always limit your capacity to do. The truth is that “you can be whatever you want to be”, provided you determine in your heart to become that very being. Allowing friends, movies, songs, environment and other points of influence which negatively shows your ability to do it will go a long way in stopping you from being able to do it.

At times, we assume because of our circumstance, we may not able to do it! This is all an assumption, as they are called, “assumption“; it isn’t real.

Mistake #3 Blaming Others for your challenges

As the new year starts, you would come across or may be presently going through challenges. These are not alien to successful people and dealing with it builds the success attitude. One mistake that would mean not attaining success thus year is blaming others for these challenges.

Some would blame the government, blame their spouse, blame their family, blame all blameable just to show they are not to blame. Taking responsibility is one approach to the new year if you desire to be successful in this life.

So guys, as the new begin, ensure you do not make these common mistakes. These would make the year well pleasing and fruitful. Ensure you do not forget to give me a feedback on what you think.

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