What Pastor Yemi Osinbajo Did Not Tell The Church at #OneNationNoShaking

I watched Pastor Yemi Osinbajo speak at #OneNationNoShaking earlier today at Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos.

Pastor Yemi Osinbajo spoke about hope and a better future.

He used the story of the Israelites leaving the land of Egypt as his case study. I gave the well prepared speech by the Pastor a deep thought and I chronicled three things the Pastor did not tell the church.

The story being referrenced can be found in the book of Exodus Chapter 3-14.

He said, “there are people who want to #BringBackCorruption just like there were people who wanted to go back to Egypt.

Also “just like there was a canaan after Egypt, there would be a better Nigeria”.

And, “the people of Israel not knowing that there was a red sea while they were leaving Egypt”.

To be very fair and transparent, the Vice President is a good orator. He made this unplagiarized speech to a cheering crowd who obviously are Christians (people of faith and hope).

Pastor Osinbajo did not inform us that the people of Israel saw Moses solve immediate problems of oppresion. This gave them the ultimate impression: Moses was called by God.

Just like the Israelites, Nigerians want to see steps taken by the government. We want to have an idea their Moses was called. Nigerians home and abroad want to see a Government who travels on official assignments lean. Who does not have unneccesary aides, looking like a mother dog who has numerous children.

He also did not tell the people that Nigeria was never in Egypt, because in Egypt, there was a cry against oppression, a cry against hunger (they were fed once a day at some point)! If Nigerians were EVER to be likened as though they were living in Egypt as slaves, it would be NOW that the President (King) does not listen to their pleas (one of which is the lifting of bans on payment of International school fees among others).

He also failed to tell the people that the Israelites were eating Manna (a food that was awesome and great) while en route canaan but their complaints were that the food was the only one they were eating even though it was premium!

I am very sure that even the food many Nigerians eat alone, has been taken away from them now (Rice), with its geometric increase in price and affordability.

No doubt, Nigerians yearned for a Change: the change was not in economy (we were already the best in Africa and was positively growing), job creation ( the likes of SURE-P’s YOUWIN and other government interventions were already doing that, infrastructure (the highest kilometre of roads ever built and rehabilitated during a tenure was done by the past government, Federal Universities were well maintained in terms of meeting up with standards, at least I know that of UNILAG who did not hide it that was from the governmwnt under Professor Sofoluwe), corruption as Transparency International rated Nigeria has having grown in terms of being anti-corrupt during the past government  but a CHANGE in the way we do things!

A CHANGE in the way we do things has still not manifested and cannot manifest from the precedence laid by this government in the last 16 months!

The government in which Pastor Osinbajo is the Vice President still maintains the luxurious Presidential fleet,  still fly around the world with unneeded entourage, contracts are still being awarded based on nepotism and bribery among others.

Pastor Osibanjo did not tell the church that where Nigeria is heading to is Egypt with the way Mr Buhari is handling the affairs of the Nation (I’m exonerating him because I know he does not have a say in ANYTHING being done in Nigeria except in Lagos state)

Pastor Yemi failed to tell Nigerians the truth about the realistic status of the country.

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