Glo Does The Unthinkable to its Data Plans

As part of measures to keep its customers and attract new ones, Glo has reduced its data plans massively.

In the new data plans released and noticed today, it was really a free for all.

Glo subscribers can now enjoy 18G worth of data with just N4,000!
The new data plan also made arrangements for students who are data users in the campus environment.

See the full list of the plans below:

N1,000 – 3.2GB

N2,000 – 7.5GB

N2,000- 2GB + 2.5GB on Campus + N2,000 airtime + 500Mb data to gift

N2,500- 10GB

N3,000- 12GB

N4,000 – 18GB

N5,000 – 24GB

N5,000 – 5GB + 6.25GB on Campus + N5000 airtime + 1.25GB

8,000 – 48GB&

This data plan slash will come as good news to everyone except people in my category who the network is extremely terrible in my neighbourhood.

So, tell us, how the network is, in your area and have you been enjoying smooth internet connection using Glo?

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