Microsoft To Start Paying Users For Using it’s Microsoft Edge

Interestingly,  Microsoft Edge users will start earning rewards for using the internet browser.

This announcement was made known by Microsoft Inc, the makers of Microsoft Edge. The browser which comes with the latest update is said to be super fast.

Microsoft Edge browser interface
Microsoft Edge browser interface

According to their claims, the browser is faster than Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

These claims will be evaluated by our team in the coming days notwithstanding, as, at present, it can be said to be true.

Users are expected to be awarded points for using the browser,  Microsoft Edge for more than 30 hours. Other activities like making the browser your default search engine will also give you points.

The program is said to be a conversion of the already existing Bing Rewards, which is quite similar. The downside of this scheme is that it’s beginning will only allow US residents.

Nigerian and other countries residents need to wait a while before benefiting from this, as it is not yet available there. 

These points accrued from these activities will be converted into cash and gift cards on Amazon and other platforms.

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