Basketmouth Robbed; 5 Lessons We Learned From This

Popular comedian, Basketmouth was robbed earlier this week in his residence in Lekki, Lagos. We, therefore, decided to chronicle five lessons from this incidence.

It is no longer news that Basketmouth was robbed in his home for two hours and his security guard has been arrested. These two events obviously are the reasons for our epistle.

Lesson 1

The country may not be safe after all.

For a person living in Lekki where security is top notch and highly prioritized. The incident goes to prove that there is no assured security anywhere. Everyman must surely secure himself. Also, those who also believe in God must call him for protection too.

Lesson 2

Nigeria is presently in a bad state.

Celebrity robberies have not been heard of lately. This occurrence goes a long way to show that all is not well with our country. There is presently inflation of goods and services in the country. The masses are now taking a toll on the elites. Everyone better take to their heels.

Lesson 3

His properties were stolen

According to Bovi, the popular comedian’s properties were stolen. A family source also revealed some items stolen to be;

  • Gold wristwatch
  • Syinix Moist Fan
  • Wife’s trinket

Although we hear that the Syinix brand released a statement to replace the fan for him FREE, we cannot authenticate this yet.

Basketmouth and his family
Basketmouth and his family were robbed in his residence in Lagos, Nigeria.
Image Credit: PremiumTimesNG

Lesson 4

Stop Showing Off on Social Media

As a famous person, the country’s present state requires that one lives a coded life. We all need to stay silent to avoid being targetted by the thieves in the society. It was reported that he has always shown off his beautiful home and lifestyle on the social media. For those who show off cash on SnapChat and others, you need to be careful.

Lesson 5

Trust Nobody

We are left with no other option than to say this here. Why was Bovi the person to spill the news online? How come he was not sober enough not to put it to public space? These are questions begging for answers.

Indeed, trust no one. Basketmouth should not have trusted Bovi as he himself should be suspected because breaking the news to the public.

In conclusion, we, however, sympathize with Basketmouth and his family and we do hope that such do not re-occur again.

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