My House Hunt Experience in Lagos

You think it’s easy to live in Lagos, read my House Hunt Experience.

Mid April, my rent expired and I had three weeks to move out of my apartment, hence my House Hunt Experience.

I had so much confidence to get an apartment in two weeks to move into. My body, soul, and spirit were about to battle against each other.

I did make a few calls in about three days to my friends and family members. This calls yielded little or nothing support as regards my assignment.

The only fruit it yielded was a 3 million/annum apartment in the innermost part of Lekki. As glad as I was about this fruit, the distance from the Lekki phase 1 gate to my supposed new place of abode is not different from the distance between heaven and hell.

With all sense of modesty, I declined to stay there. I finally settled to use a house agent which seems to be an advise a female friend gave me from work.

After contacting 10 of them via phone and paying them 5,000 each, one week and 2 days has past and I still do not have a place yet!

In my naivety, I assumed that I would get an apartment after paying that money. I did not know like doctors, it was just for consultancy. I kept faith in God, having had the Christian background.

It was now two weeks past and on Sunday of the last week of my relocation notice. I finally got calls from 3 of my agents who showed me 5 different places (2 in Ikoyi, 1 in Festac and 2 in Lekki). Let me say at this point that I was open to any location.

I wanted to move from a low brow are to a high-brow are and these three were well suited. I could have accepted any of them! Yes, I should. But, I did not.

I slept after these calls and had a dream about me not progressing in these houses if I lived in them. On waking up, I could do nothing other than cancel the offers.

At this point, three of the agents had declined further service. They insisted I pay another N5,000 for consultancy. This point was very grieving.

I have just days left of the three weeks notice, precisely two days. I am now desperate and began to search online. My first stop was a website that offered such services, (apologies for mentioning your name if you ever read this). My experience was short-lived as I started putting down these thoughts.

I have 48 hours to go and I have 2 useful agents and this website to deal with.

Getting accommodation in Lagos is no doubt a task for the faint-hearted. This House Hunt Experience no doubt has had its toll on me.

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