The ex Military Dictator, Muhammadu Buhari.

Prior to his victory at the 2015 general elections, many have FB_IMG_1466697315104questioned his intentions to return back to power after forcefully and disgracefully leaving office over thirty years ago.

Most people were of the opinion that he was coming to  reposition Nigeria, with some opining that with him at the helm of affairs, Nigeria will be rid  of corruption, poverty and insecurity challenges.

One year down the line and there have been mix reactions as to the real intentions of the former military dictator Rtd. General Muhammadu Buhari.

The economy of the giant of Africa has been on the decline since the ex dictator took over power,  the general standard of living in the country is extremely low, the security of lives and property has also deteriorated even though the regime has done wonderfully well in neutralizing the strength of the Boko Haram terrorists that have been unleashing terror and mayhem in the North-East since 2009, there have been many other security threats in the country, some of which include the Fulani militias whose activities have claimed thousands of lives across the country since his admistration took over from the previous administration, there is also a resurgence of militancy in the Niger Delta region which has cut down crude oil production by a reasonable percentage thereby displacing the country from her position as the highest producer of crude in the continent.

The looks on the faces of the masses are that of fear of the unknown, hunger, hardship and poverty with no hope in sight. Nigerians now exchange their children for food, there are also reports of people stealing pots of food from the fire, all these are rampant in the Northern part of the country where the President, Mohammadu Buhari is from.

The Nigerian masses are lamenting, the hardship is increasing at a geometric progression and the government is losing popularity by the day, can the Buhari administration turn the negative tide around? Time shall tell.

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