Letter To Mr Ambode: Security Threats

I was walking across Oshodi, Lagos Nigeria a couple of days back and the sight of what I discovered marveled me being a tax paging citizen of the Federal. Republic of Nigeria.

The same scenery is observed in other areas of the state and by extension, the country.

I was accosted by fulani looking children who looked a little less funny seeking to get funds from me by emotional blackmail. On separate days, it is either an older looking Fulani or a young looking fulani child, who would walk up to me in other to seek funds for whatever reason they decide to use it to do.

If I gave them or not was one thing for another day as it is not my focal point of discuss, but my halogen light will be based on the premise and activities of these help-seeking individuals.

Now, their composition is largely Fulani of ages ranging from 3-9 with a stern after sales look. These children emotionally blackmail people into giving them money and when you don’t, they hurl abusive words i n their language!

This act should be discouraged in totality as this children are supposed to be in school at these periods. The need to have a formal education for every Northern child cannot be overemphasized at this stage where most of them constitute a threat to National Security.

I therefore call on the Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode to put a stop to this growing menace at its infantile stage before they become matured into tools to be used for Boko Haram penetrative moves


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