When a Man “Over-Loves”


The issue of “over-loving” by the masculine gender cannot be over-debated. Although it is quite controversial but facts have emerged as regards the issue over the past centuries.

We all know the scenery or probably the explanation of that consciously used word “over-love”. At a point o the other, we as men may have fallen into this trap of over-loving a woman.

But really, let’s define the word in this context; that point you know you give her more attention than she does, she regards you as a stalker, you feel very uncomfortable seeing her around any man, you have become possessive of her, you have done all in those creepy books and you still do not get positive feedbacks on winning her heart, the mere mention of her name by a stranger gives you worries or concern and so on. The list or scenarios are so inexhaustible, although mentioning some of them won’t be a bad idea using the comment tool.

Now, we as men do this! Everyone at one point must have been in this trap at a point in our lives, in fact it shapes our sexual orientation in most cases, where we begin to become irresponsible and call it being a player.

When this happens really, what is the way out we may all ask. The truth is this: When the foundation is destroyed, the only solution is to rebuild the foundation! Just immediately when you notice this scenarios playing out, the simple solution is to engage the foundation of the relationship.

Many of us from experiences, have expressed our loving self to a woman before she even got attracted to us which in most cases is the reason for this issue. We tend to give all the attention to a woman, show her love while we expect her to reciprocate! In reality, that word doesn’t exist actually.

Every fairly good relationship is between a woman who is loving and a man who is caring although I must state here that it is not or must not be overly done across all parties involved.

Why don’t you go back, reduce all the inputs into the relationship and work on ATTRACTION which is quite key but overlooked these days.

This happens even among the women! I have a personal experience where the lady declined giving me her number because her boyfriend has instructed her not to. Quite funny that sounds but it’s reality.

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